Vacature Backend JavaScript Developer Amsterdam | Full Freedom & Innovative Challenges | Node, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Blockchain, Forecasting | Up to € 65.000 + 8 to 16% Bonus

Your Job: Backend JavaScript Developer Amsterdam | Spearhead the innovation of FinTech

  • Are you passionate about being able to choose your own backend engineering challenges; in subjects like: cloud, machine learning and microservices even if you are not proficient yet?
  • Would you like to have multiple heavy hitting team leads from complex product environments as your direct colleagues?
  • Are you excited about mentoring junior and mediors with more basic skills yourself, even if you are not a team lead yet?
  • Do you like to have every Friday as innovation day, together with all of your hero colleagues sharing knowledge and catalyzing each other’s development?

Then this must be the job for you!

Your employer: Team of software engineering Navy Seals transforming FinTech

Over the past 6 months of their existence, this team of software engineers have already moved mountains and have a great number of war stories to share about their current projects. They are already in the position that they are sought out for the most complex and challenging projects. These Navy Seals are brought on board for PoC and R&D projects with a lot of room to be on the cutting edge of current technologies.

Allow me to share a number of their Epic tales with you, please read on!

The founding hero of this story is a guy still in his mid-twenties. Based on his large success with the mother company in the 2 years on board he gained the trust take the lead in setting up this unit of software engineering leaders. He has been voted to be man of the month, quarter and year based on the Epic success of this team of titans. He could be your inspiration and visionary leader on this journey.

An example is helping one of their clients with a problem their internal engineers were banging their heads on for 6+ months. A critical system had a load time of 29 seconds per transaction! Two of these Navy Seals dropped in and got the load time below 1 second in only 2 weeks. The Lead JavaScript engineer behind this solution is also developing a JavaScript Academy where you can learn from him or even participate in if this fuels your passion. He was there at the birth of JavaScript and he has a lot of knowledge to share.

Another great example of their work is one of their senior engineers that built a PoC for a Roboadvisor. He implemented machine learning, which he was not proficient in, but as they give a lot of room to experiment this was no problem. He coached junior and medior developers on the project, and now the system has won a cart blanche budget to develop the entire system for production. The Roboadvisor has been able to teach itself how to talk to customers and advise them which of 100+ types of services will be the best for them. Impressive eh?

Next to that two senior engineers have been able to win a proposal to build a Blockchain PoC for a well-known Dutch financial company. They are working on a Smart Contract system on the Etherium platform that will automate the creation of mortgages. If you are into cryptocurrencies at all, you must recognize that this is going to bring a huge chance in the financial industry!

Your role: Backend JavaScript Developer Amsterdam | Be a True Hero of Software Engineering

Your new team consists of backend and frontend engineers with a huge passion for quality coding. Their secret is that sound Engineering always comes first! And they are able to combine this with leadership and consulting skills. Know that all of the above stories come from the efforts of skilled engineers with zero consulting skills when they started. Some of them maybe even had some cold feet about the consulting part. So if you do, this should not hold you back from this adventure.

Because of the long and stable relationships of the mother company you will be able to only work on the (backend) challenges where you can have the greatest impact, fun and growth. Challenges range from greenfield development, rebuilds or integrations, and the more experienced guys are working on exploring mostly unchartered waters. The choice is up to you!

Working on these challenges you are provided with the opportunity to dive into newer technologies like cloud, microservices, machine learning, IoT and blockchain (which are all new to the FinTech) and form proposals to build PoC’s. You will spearhead the projects and form teams of junior and medior high potentials around yourself. With their badge on your shoulder, even as a medior developer, you will be the one of the engineers everyone looks up to so you can coach and mentor them.

As a team you will   have Google Fridays every week and online stand-ups 2 times every week. This means you have the knowledge and experience of every highly experienced senior and lead at your direct disposal. This all directly fuels your and their growth.

The events of the past 6 months have already put them in the position that they are specifically sought out for special projects, that cannot succeed without their unique skills. Some projects are put on hold, in wait for their availability. This team is growing and in need of more future heroes to join the pack.

So, if you would like this Epic journey to include yourself this is your chance!

What is required?

  • A minimum of 2 years of professional JavaScript software engineering experience
  • Experience with Node is a huge plus
  • Experience with other SPA frameworks like Angular, React (Native), Vue, Meteor or Polymer is a plus
  • Experience working Full stack and a technology agnostic mindset is appreciated
  • A technical Bachelor or Master’s degree or similar level
  • Well-developed communication skills are appreciated
  • Experience with Unit Testing, TDD, Automated Testing or End to End testing is a plus
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment is a plus
  • Experience with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud are plusses
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum software development

What is offered?

  • Between the €45.000 and €65.000 gross per year + up to 16% of your annual wage
  • A permanent contract from the get go!
  • Fully paid travel expenses
  • Big budgets for going to seminars and conferences in the Netherlands and abroad
  • On the job training from the best engineers in Amsterdam
  • Very generous pension
  • 26 holidays
  • Mobile phone + laptop
  • Home internet
  • Detailed personal development plan

Are you the software engineering hero we are looking for?


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