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Wij zijn een 100% toegewijde software engineering recruitment consultancy met tien jaar ervaring binnen de markt en een passie voor vakmanschap. Wij werken nauw samen met mannen en vrouwen die hun passie voor wiskunde en problemen oplossen inzetten om waarde te creëren voor onze samenleving.

Jouw ladder naar groot meesterschap

Om je als software professional maximaal te blijven ontplooien is het belangrijk om je continu te bevinden binnen organisaties waar je wordt uitgedaagd. Wij maken dit mogelijk. CodeGuild combineert diepe kennis van de markt, een helder proces, uitgebreide begeleiding, inhoudelijke technische kennis en onze passie voor vakmanschap. Zo zijn wij het ideale bureau om mee samen te werken voor de volledige levenscyclus van jouw software development en – engineering carrière. Van leerling software engineer tot gerespecteerde grootmeester.

Software developer of – engineer?

Ontdek waarom CodeGuild jouw carrière naar het volgende niveau kan tillen.

Software Development Manager, Directeur, CTO of HR professional?

Ontdek waarom CodeGuild de partner is om uw organisatie te helpen bouwen met het beste software development en – engineering talent uit de markt.

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Joris SpermonJoris Spermon
16:34 02 Jan 24
In recent years, I have collaborated multiple times with Robert Hawker and his team as a hiring manager. CodeGuild has consistently demonstrated exceptional responsiveness and maintained a high standard of quality. Their deep understanding of the market and adeptness in comprehending our specific candidate requirements have been impressive. The agency excels in effectively matching individuals based on both their skills and overall fit within our organization. I look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with CodeGuild.
Pascal SteinerPascal Steiner
08:25 19 Dec 23
Roy and CodeGuild have helped me to find a perfect job in the Netherlands.I was looking for a Job within the Netherlands, so I can live together with my partner. I was searching for an opportunity to work as either Full Stack developer or Backend developer near Utrecht. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant but I saw that there were many possibilities on CodeGuild and decided to contact them.I was contacted by Roy who helped me through the whole process of finding, applying, screening and negotiation. Roy had been super supporting and professional. He understood that I was looking for a technical challenge in a purpose driven company. With his help I was able to find an excellent role as a Scala Backend developer!Thanks Roy!
Jeroen KnoefJeroen Knoef
12:31 06 Dec 23
I had been following CodeGuild for a number of years because they more often than other recruiters have vacancies that are right up my alley (Kotlin, Scala) and that are sometimes a little more off the beaten track, which I find interesting.Recently it finally happened and they gave me good advice for my next job. We have jointly selected a number of vacancies that we have explored. They honestly indicated that some vacancies might not suit me, and they were ultimately rejected. For a number of other vacancies, I knew with reasonable certainty at some point that this could be something for me, before I started talking to the company in question. Enjoyed working with CodeGuild.
09:01 05 Dec 23
Extremely helpful!As a software developer, you are approached a lot by recruiters. I usually ignore them. But Daan at CodeGuild came across a quite interesting vacancy.Because it was time for a new challenge for me, I took it up and I don't regret it!I am someone with a lot of experience in software development, but with a lack of experience in the area I would specifically like to grow in. Despite this lack of experience, Daan helped me find a good job where I will certainly get this opportunity without really having to give up anything.Thank you!
Aleksandra LiutikovaAleksandra Liutikova
10:36 22 Oct 23
I am perfectly happy with the communication with Code Guild, specifically Roy, and the result.I was looking for a new opportunity in the Netherlands, I am a Java expert. As you may understand, there are a lot of opportunities on the market, but Roy found a place perfectly matching my idea of my next step. This means that Roy is not only searching everything with the "Java" keyword but actively listening to why I am looking for a change and what I would want for the next step.During the process, Roy was very helpful, always giving a heads-up on what the next stage would include and what was expected from me.He was also very fast with providing updates on the feedback, which is quite a rare quality of recruiters!Overall, this was a 5-star experience, and I would recommend Code Guild as amazing recruiters.
Takayedzwa GavazaTakayedzwa Gavaza
11:49 02 Oct 23
Initially, I hesitated to engage with Robert, assuming he was just another run-of-the-mill recruiter. However, after a meaningful conversation and a follow-up call, my perception shifted dramatically. Robert proved to be an exceptional recruiter.He exudes a genuine commitment to aiding you in attaining your career aspirations and securing a role that truly aligns with your skills and ambitions. His professionalism is remarkable, and without reservation, I wholeheartedly endorse both him and CodeGuild to any developer or engineer seeking opportunities.
Michal NovákMichal Novák
08:42 18 Sep 23
Roy asked me the right questions and was an excellent advisor in which companies would match my expectations. CodeGuild has great companies as potential employers.Roy introduced me to a few great roles and guided me through the interview process. He listened to my questions and concerns and he is knowledgeable and friendly.He was a great sparring partner and helped me negotiate my salary for the role that I’ve chosen. 5 stars 🙂
Jacob DoucetJacob Doucet
10:46 01 Dec 22
I work as a software engineer, and I was ready for a change of working environment so I sent my CV to CodeGuild. Very quickly, I was contacted by Sven Gerrmann. This was by far the BEST experience I've had job searching. He helped with everything from finding the right opportunities, arranging interviews, helping me prepare, negotiating a contract, helping to calm my nerves and making sure I had everything I need to make the right decision. Through the entire process, it was extremely reassuring to know I had him on my side.I told him about my work experience and ambitions, and that my favourite languages are Typescript and Golang. He came back the next day with 3 extremely attractive positions that matched my experience and ambitions perfectly. It took less than 3 weeks for me to have a great offer in my hands! I can't wait to start the new job and I can't thank Sven enough for everything he did for me.I would strongly recommend Sven and CodeGuild to any software engineer looking for new opportunities, and to any company looking to hire top talent.
Ezequiel MirandaEzequiel Miranda
07:37 26 Oct 22
I would recommend CodeGuild to anyone that is looking for a new job.I was contacted by Daan Van Dermark about a position that he identified as being perfect for me, and he was 100% correct.From the very first moment and throughout the whole process I felt totally supported and confident that I could go through the process of getting a new job.You can see that CodeGuild has very good professionals and a great work culture.I really appreciate the value CodeGuild brought to my life and career.I wish you all the best in the future of your company.
Jan-Justin van TonderJan-Justin van Tonder
14:48 06 Sep 22
After having moved to Utrecht, I was contemplating making a career move as well. I wanted to tackle a new challenge as a software engineer.As with any job search, it was a daunting undertaking. However, after coming across CodeGuild, the task became easier.With a thorough initial intake over the phone, they built up a tailored profile of me to get a better understanding of what I found most ideal. Once the interviews were arranged, I could rest a little easier knowing that CodeGuild was able to provide me with relevant information on each potential employer to bolster my chances of success.It is with great thanks to Serge Warbout at CodeGuild that I have secured a new role as a Cloud Consultant, a role that was my desired first choice among several great options.
Rick LanceeRick Lancee
08:44 10 Aug 22
I contacted codeguild a while ago to help me with my next Javascript engineering challenge around Amsterdam. From their site and reviews they looked like very professional recruiters and i was not wrong. In about 2 weeks i had a couple interviews at a variety of big tech companies and got a good offer pretty soon thereafter.They guided, prepared me for the interviews and helped with the final negotiations. The recruiters are professional, friendly and always there for help, feedback and questions. Definitely recommend them if you're looking the next engineering challenge.
Thomas StaceyThomas Stacey
07:55 24 Jun 22
I was looking for a role as a senior Scala developer in Amsterdam/Utrecht region.I was specifically looking to apply for one company through CodeGuild, but in the initial interview they also presented me with a couple of other options for companies which would be a good fit for me.They were very friendly, helpful and supportive, without being pushy. There was targeted help with prep for the interviews/assessments which was specific to each company, and they enabled me to give the best account for myself (definitely better than if I'd been preparing on my own).In the end I accepted an offer from one of the companies they presented me with instead of the original company I had in mind. It's an exciting challenge I'm looking forward to starting, and I never would have heard of the opportunity without CodeGuild.Can wholeheartedly recommend!
Maxmiller AlvesMaxmiller Alves
02:01 02 Jun 22
I am Golang software engineer from Brazil. For a significant amount of time, I was looking for a big step in my career, I wanted to find a "perfect" company in terms of challenges, and I wanted to move to Amsterdam. However, I was extremely pessimistic about how hard it would be for me to find such a position. Finally, when I was about to give up, I found Sven from CodeGuild, an extraordinarily communicative and supportive guy. Not only did he help me to find good companies, but he also shared his experiences and encouraged me to keep trying. Well, I landed a job within two months!His work didn't stop there. He was also willing to help me relocate and adjust to Dutch society. I can't recommend this guy enough, a truly exceptional professional.
Vlad VesaVlad Vesa
08:49 17 May 22
Codeguild helped me find a Senior Software Developer role in Amsterdam.They operate like a chess player that understands the game and the business.It’s all about making the right move and not regretting it. If you, the candidate, or if you, the company, found a good opportunity then the guild helps you to find a better one.You get to talk about your limitations, your best qualities and about what you’re really looking for. They have a sensor that gets activated during conversations and you get immediate suggestions if anything would be a wrong fit.Roy, Serge and Robert are trained members who understand the technical domain, who know - like a coach - what questions to ask and when. The collaboration with them is a journey that walks through all aspects of a job and you get the right questions at the right moments.
Catalin StefanCatalin Stefan
00:06 17 Feb 22
I struggled for a while filtering through all the recruiters that were there to help me with nothing. But then I discovered CodeGuild and a guy named Roy. He tries to understand what is your desire for the next step in your career and find the best opportunity. He guides you through the whole interview process and is there for you to answer all of your questions.Many thanks to Roy Schaper and CodeGuild for being professional and accurate!
Sasi KumarSasi Kumar
10:37 14 Feb 22
I would highly recommend CodeGuild to anyone who is looking for interesting opportunities.Their email about vacancies are very detailed and gives you a very good picture of what the actual role is about.I would like to thank Roy Schaper for the incredible support through out the process. Unlike other recruiters, Roy followed up with me before and after each round of interview. He is very responsive and guided me with valuable tips for the entire process.He had a clear understanding of what the role demands and what the employers were looking for, this is a rare trait I see in most recruiters.If you are on a job hunt or looking for interesting role, don't hesitate to collaborate with them.