Our Approach

Step 1: Thorough intake

To be sure that we can help you in the best way it is important to first know some more about where you are coming from and where your career currently stands. At first we will go through your career together to get a good insight in your experience, specific knowledge, skills and background. At CodeGuild we further try to understand you even better by also looking at the reasons why you made certain career steps. We also give you direct feedback on your CV so are sure you highlight the right skills that are sought out most in the market within your niche.

Step 2: Where are you looking to grow your career?

At this point we thoroughly discuss your next career step. We look at things like technology, company culture, work/life balance, daily activities, type of organization, growth potential, location, travelling time and training needs. Now we can think with you to advise you best on how to grow your career in the direction that you are looking for. When we have a clear indication of your skills, abilities and wishes we can open the CodeGuild network to you. This means that we can tell you everything about your up to date possibilities near where you live (or if wanted further).

Step 3: How do we make the difference together?

Finding the best job for you is something we do together. In our ten years of experience in the Dutch software development and -engineering market we have mapped the entire playing field. This has enabled us to constantly stay ahead of the most recent career chances. You have the skills and experience, we the network and job application experience. This is how we make the difference together.

Step 4: How will you be guided?

Of course you don’t apply for jobs every day. That is why we guide you intensely during your job application interview(s). We make sure we help our client see your strongest skills and will give you all the information you need about their company, the position and your chances. More than you could ever find by just looking at their website and/or reading their job description. This is why you straight away have an advantage over other candidates and makes sure you are at your best during the interviews. Every interview process has different stages, all with other goals. To boost your success we will offer you the right information for every step. From first interview until the contract signing.

Step 5: Congratulations!

Congratulations with your next job! When using CodeGuild you will always be employed by our employers, we are an intermediary company. Up until your start date and during your trial period we will remain in touch and will always be available to offer assistance.