Vacature Senior Polyglot Software Engineer Amsterdam | Work with the best 4 days from Home While working on impactful projects for millions | TypeScript, Go, Kotlin | €96.400 + 5% bonus + permanent contract

Your job: Senior Polyglot Software Engineer Amsterdam

  • Would you like to work at the European Thought Leader of Software Engineering, where you work in multidisciplinary teams with data engineers, cloud-native developers, and delivery automation experts to solve long-term, challenging greenfield projects that beat in the hearts of clients?
  • Do you say yes to great benefits such as working from home 4 days per week, a 5% end-of-year bonus, 22 energetic knowledge sharing sessions per year, a beautiful office, 6 training days, many home working options and a permanent contract from the start?
  • Do you like to be part of a very ambitious engineering culture where self-development, knowledge sharing, and training are top priorities and you can grow into lead or architect?

Then don’t wait any longer, this job is made for you!

Your employer: European Software Engineering Thought Leader Helping Key tech Clients Step into the modern world

More than two decades ago, two entrepreneurs who no longer had to do it for the money came up with a plan: we are going to let the best engineers excel on the most interesting issues, always using the most recent technologies! The result is a leading company that has become the Thought Leader within modern software engineering in Europe. Many speak at inspiring conferences, write books or contribute to impactful open-source projects.

This 100% tech company is helping impactful, consumer-oriented companies with millions of end-users to harness the power of automation across industries such as eHealth, autonomous driving, FinTech, and e-commerce. They only bite into greenfield challenges in which they can take a leading role and make a real impact! Full of architecture/design, complex issues and always working with passionate and very capable team members. Fun, impact, learning, and inspiration—you have it all here!

Your role: Senior Polyglot Software Engineer Amsterdam

As a Senior Polyglot Software Engineer Amsterdam, you get the unique opportunity to bite down on the most challenging greenfield and long-term software projects close to your house. Intake, architecture, design, delivery, deployment, and knowledge sharing.

Together with your emotionally intelligent and highly experienced teammates, you will be called in to take the lead and lay the foundation for the success of major tech companies, all challenges of immense scale, impact and impacting millions of end users!

As you and your colleagues are hired to influence and help client teams move from A to B, you will have the opportunity to experiment with proven technologies in functional programming, event sourcing, cloud-native, data engineering, scaling, and microservices development.

Although Java is an important development language, here you get the chance to develop yourself even more as a polyglot, as, in the end, a language is only a tool to get the job done. Think of Kotlin, Scala, TypeScript and Golang. Do you find that programming languages are just a means to solve impactful and interesting challenges, then this job is really for you!

Growth opportunities

Here, your growth is built into the company! Within projects, you can work as a lead engineer, software architect, team leader, or even principal. And during the bi-weekly knowledge exchanges, you can ideally expand your circle of influence and spar with amazing colleagues while making use of the 5k Automatically, you will re-invent yourself every 2 years and be able to make maximum impact within the software industry!

What is required?

  • minimum of 5 years of professional Backend software engineering experience
  • Professional experience with Java, Kotlin, Golang, TypeScript or Scala
  • A polyglot mindset and the will to use whatever development language gets the job done best!
  • Emotionally intelligent and strong communication skills
  • A technical university degree or a comparable level is an advantage
  • Experience with Unit Testing, Automated Testing or End-to-End testing is the standard for you
  • Experience with containerization such as Docker & Kubernetes is a plus
  • Experience with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud is a plus
  • Experience with delivery automation is a plus
  • Experience in training, mentoring, tech leading, open source development or being active within software communities is a big plus

What is on offer?

  • Between €86.160 and €96.100 per year, based on knowledge and added value
  • Permanent contract!
  • 4 days per week working from home!
  • €5.000 training budget per year + 6 training days + 20 knowledge sessions per year
  • 5% year-end bonus on top of your salary
  • Choice of a 36 or 40 hour contract
  • Flexible working hours
  • New hardware & accessories every two years (€ 3000,-)!
  • A new phone every two years + unlimited calls
  • There is lots of space to visit conferences
  • Solid pension
  • Very inspiring colleagues and knowledge spaces

Are you a passionate, polyglot-minded software engineer who loves to work with some of the best emotionally intelligent engineers around while solving the most impactful and challenging software projects in an A-label tech environment?


Then respond directly via the form below or send your CV to Roy Schaper at

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