CodeGuild raises the bar within specialized recruitment consultancy for permanent placements within the Dutch ecosystem. Since our founding in 2014, we have been focused on the Dutch software development and -engineering market and have helped over 600+ high calibre software engineering professionals find long-lasting employment.

We have built a strong network within the higher segment of the software engineering community. Typically these engineers have been coding since their teens, have completed Bachelor, Masters and some even PhD level in Computer Science (or comparable) and since then have gained several years of relevant work experience.

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation intake, sparring session, or a quick scan of the attractiveness or complexity of your permanent vacancy(s).

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Exclusive network of high-quality, high calibre professionals (NL, EU, non-EU)

CodeGuild gives you access to a network of high calibre professionals who generally refuse to work with other recruitment agencies. Due to our strong brand name the better software engineering professionals choose to partner with CodeGuild first when starting their search for new employment.

600+ mediated candidates

More than six hundred candidates have now been mediated by CodeGuild within the better software engineering environments of the Randstad. From scale-ups to enterprises, project organizations, consultancies to globally operating tech companies.

High Return On Investment

More than 81% of these candidates are still working for our clients after 3 years.

Our added value

There is an enormous saturation of recruitment agencies. The result is that you receive screaming emails and regular frantic calls from tech-recruiters every day who promise you the world, but the result is often the same:

The status quo

Pushy recruiters

Pushy recruiters without deep technical knowledge exert unnecessary and uncomfortable pressure resulting in hasty choices, frustration, and an overall negative experience when working with tech recruitment agencies.

Waste of time

Vacancies that remain vacant endlessly. Poorly fitting resumes that you have to go through and screen yourself.

Time is money

Interviews with ill-fitting candidates. High fees paid for candidates who leave after a few months or within the first year.

Working with CodeGuild

CodeGuild partnership

Technically knowledgeable and empathic consultants with niche knowledge of your target group and its ecosystem. Advising sincerely and facilitating you in making better, well-informed decisions.


A small number of carefully screened resumes worth your time. The most difficult vacancies filled within a month.

Return on investment

Well-prepared, motivated and technically well-suited candidates for interview. 81% are still working for our customers after 3 years.

Partner in recruitment

CodeGuild does not appear on any recruitment blacklist and acts as an HR-partner organization. Together we sustainably build your organization and tech-team (s). Our proven recruitment process and best practices will enable you to avoid common pitfalls, frustration, and wasted time while facilitating you and the candidate to make well informed decisions.

What we can help you with:

  1. JVM: Java, Scala, Kotlin: Software Engineers, Backend & Full-stack Developers.
  2. Golang / Go: Software Engineers, Backend & Full-stack Developers.
  3. Javascript / TypeScript / NodeJS: Software Engineers, Backend & Full-stack Developers.
  4. Cloud and DevOps Engineers: with backgrounds in Ops or Dev and experience with AWS / GCP / Azure, IaC, CI / CD automation, and containerization.

Our clients

Our core values are sincerity, trust, craftsmanship, and expertise. But don't trust our word for it! Please visit our section below for some of our clients experiences:

Codeguild in a nutshell:


We unburden

We work through a streamlined recruitment process based on more than thirteen years of hands-on experience with the best practices from the local Dutch software engineering market.

We deliver tailor-made solutions

After a thorough intake in which we understand your needs, organization, culture and roles, we provide you with concrete advice, recruitment process and action plan.

We deliver quality

We only work with high caliber candidates who generally don't want to work with recruiters. In addition, 81% of our candidates are still working for our clients after 3 years. In this way we offer you a high return on investment on your one-off investment per mediation.

We are a partner. Substantive and advising.

You will be assisted by consultants with in-depth knowledge of the local market, technology and target group within your required niche software disciplines. They give you insight into how your vacancy compares with your competitors and offer you tools to increase its attractiveness. They also advise you on how to retain the better developers and software/cloud engineers to your organization for the long term.

We make sure every interview is worth your time

We only provide you with carefully screened CVs, matching the needs of both parties. We prepare the candidates well and ensure that they are aware of your organization, culture, role, main challenges, benefits and recruitment process. That is why 76% of our candidates are invited by our clients for a second round.

We collaborate closely, pleasant and efficient

Thorough support during the entire process where we help you and the candidate make well informed decisions. With regular updates on the progress of the vacancy and if necessary sparring moments to maximize success. By collaborating closely and transparent, candidates in whichever way become ambassadors for your company.

We are happy to help you

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation intake, sparring session, or a quick scan of the attractiveness or complexity of your permanent vacancy(s).

Robert Hawker

Founder | Consultant Java, Kotlin, Scala Software Engineering

Serge Warbout

Team Lead Consultant Java, Kotlin, Scala Software Engineering

Melchior Schimmel

Senior Consultant JavaScript/TypeScript Software Engineering

Wesley Jafar

Senior Consultant Cloud / Devops Engineering

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation intake, sparring session, or a quick scan of the attractiveness or complexity of your permanent vacancy(s).

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