Why CodeGuild?

Dedicated software engineering recruitment consultancy

CodeGuild specializes in permanent recruitment within the software development and software engineering market in the Randstad of the Netherlands. With our focus in this market we have acquiring unmatched knowledge about the people, organizations and technology in this market. We specialize in helping qualified software developers connect with their ideal software organizations within the market with the goal of starting a fruitful lasting working relationship.

10 years of experience: proven track record & substantive knowledge

With 10 years of experience, CodeGuild helps software developers and engineers step out of their comfort zone to challenge themselves in their career. We always have an experienced consultant who possesses the technical depth to understand your wishes, and therefore give you the right guidance. We focus on a several areas for your future career: technology stack, market trends, challenges you are looking for, working environment, location, work/life balance, organization culture and how our clients can help you move your career in the right direction. We focus on the perfect match for you to be able to choose the best choice for your career and find the ideal job.

Driven by craftsmanship

CodeGuild believes that both quality recruitment and software engineering are bound by one thing; craftsmanship. Engineering high quality, future proof, well designed clean software is a craft. We view recruitment through the same eyes, which is why we invest considerably into our process, market knowledge and consulting skills to help craft your ideal software career. Our expertise helps with the vacancies you normally would not find.

Local focus

We have made considerable investments in analyzing the Dutch software development and engineering market. We offer clear and direct insight in the availability of roles in the region that match your skill set and career wishes. This enables you to minimize your travelling time as much as possible.

Clear process and guidance

We have a clear and proven work process. This process helps stimulates a clear, fluid interaction with no surprises. That way more time and energy will be put towards the job application process. We know our clients in depth and will offer you all the information you would need about the role, organization and responsibilities so that you are fully prepared for every interview. From the first contact moment until the end of your trial period, we stand ready to help and guide you.

Interested to hear more about how we can help you? Contact us via info@codeguild.nl or +31 (0)20 210 30 60.