Permanent staff

We are a search and placement consultancy with a 100% focus on the software development and software engineering market within the Randstad. We are specialized in finding, creating interest and retaining permanent staff, from medior to lead / architect level. As we act as an intermediary candidates you hire through CodeGuild will always come on your payroll.

Optimize recruitment process

We help you optimize your recruitment process using the best practice knowledge we have gained over the last ten years working with software developers and -engineers within the Dutch market.

Expat services

When looking for the software developers and software engineers more and more often it is becoming a necessity to look over the Dutch borders. To guide a candidate in the right way to the Netherlands multiple factors come into play. Things like applying for a working and entrance visa, applying for a 30% ruling, finding a new house, opening a bank account and getting a social security number. We can handle this entire process for you.