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Thank you for intending to use our services or visiting our website. In this Privacy Policy we describe which, how and why we collect information when you visit our website or intend on making use of our services. We also describe in this Privacy Policy how we use this information. We view your privacy as a serious matter and will never share it with third parties / clients unless we have been given permission either verbally, in writing (e-mail) or via an optin consent link to start the recruitment process.

We have hereby taken the necessary steps to implement and deal with all your personal data in compliance with the GDPR regulations and Privacy Legislation in terms of the use of our website, recruitment processes and services.




  1. General information.

1.1.       Definitions.

1.2.       Modifications.

1.3.       Permission.

1.4.       Questions and / or comments and / or unsubscribe.

1.5.       DPO / FG.

  1. Information we collect.

2.1.       Information that you voluntarily provide to us.

2.2.       Information that we collect automatically.

  1. Why we process personal information.

3.1.       Providing recruitment related services.

3.2.       Legal requirements.

3.3.       Sales and marketing activities.

  1. Rights of the candidates.
  2. Cookies and tracking.

5.1.       There are 4 types of cookies that are used on our website.

5.2.       Overzicht cookies.

5.3.       Delete cookies.

Changes to this privacy policy.


1.    General information

1.1.           Definitions

These definitions help you understand our privacy policy.

  • When we talk about we/us / ours, we mean CodeGuild, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • If we say candidate or visitor of our website, we mean a person who shows interest in or has shown interest in our vacancies or has registered via our website, registration channels, telephone and / or via mail contact to use our services as recruitment agency
  • Customers are companies or organizations that use our services for recruiting new employees. The candidate is presented here at all times with the mutual consent of the candidate for the mediation process. Separate agreements are concluded with these customers to guarantee your privacy according to these guidelines.
  • Personal information is information that can be used to serve you for employment purposes but also to keep you informed of any developments in the labor market or suitable vacancies.
  • Registration channels: The privacy policy applies to our website and after first contact via the following channels: telephone, written, email contact, response jobboard eg Indeed, linkedin.

With each application, only the necessary data is collected that will be required for processing an application or registration. Candidates are asked but not obliged to leave additional personal details (name, email address, mobile phone number) in addition to their resume, which is a requirement. This forms the basis for starting the recruitment process as well as keeping you up to date with interesting or suitable vacancies via email or marketing channels such as social media.

1.2.           Modifications

We can make changes to this privacy policy at any time. The most recent version is indicated by the version number and the date at the bottom of this privacy policy. All updates and changes are effective immediately. We publish the updated version as a link in the footer of our website homepage and via a link in the footer of our newsletters or communicate these via every application of candidates via our website or the aforementioned registration channels. With every registration the candidate is informed of the terms and conditions with regard to the privacy policy with choice to agree with the optin/ consent link.

We encourage each candidate and visitor of our website to review this Privacy Policy frequently to stay informed of changes that apply to you. Our electronic or otherwise stored copies of this Privacy Policy are the real, complete, valid, authentic and enforceable copies of the version of the policy that was in force on the relevant date that we have obtained your personal data.

1.3.           Permission

This Privacy Policy is leading and takes into account – and respects – all data we have have collected, or collect about from the candidate or website visitor. If applicable, we use separate user conditions, which we will always request separate consent. For example presenting you as a candidate to one of our clients.

1.4.           Questions and / or comments and / or unsubscribe

If you want to unsubscribe from our e-mails, you can unsubscribe at any time via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our e-mails. If you have questions, comments and / or complaints or if you want to update, delete or change personal information, please contact us. Use our contact form or send us a written request to:


Molenpad 6



If the candidate is in direct contact with one of our consultants, he / she is advised to contact the relevant consultant about all recruitment related processes and mail correspondence with regard to their personal data with the ability to exercise their rights under the GDPR. Such as:  the request to be forgotten or deleted and to change or modify data.

1.5.           DPO / FG

We do not process personal data on a large scale or special personal data such as information about a person’s health, race, political opinion, religious conviction or criminal law. We only use the essential and necessary personal data so that the candidate who registers or visits our website who is interested in our services gets the full experience of our recruitment related activities.

We do not employ a data protection officer. We did however take measures to adjust our recruitment processes as well as marketing activities in accordance with GDPR.

2.    Information we collect

2.1.           Information that you voluntarily provide to us

If you visit our website and agree to the use of cookies both essential and recommended, sign up as a candidate via our website, contact our consultant directly or through one of the registration channels or communicate with us via a different route.

This information may contain your name or your registration name, your physical address, your e-mail address, telephone number, but also details as location. By giving this information, you agree that this information is collected, used and stored by us.

2.2.           Information that we collect automatically

When you visit our websites we can collect information. This information can include your IP address, your operating system, your browsersession ID, your browser activity and other information with related to visits to our or any other website. We can do this by gathering information as part of log files but also through the use of cookies or other tracking technologies. For a more detailed explanation we refer you to our Cookie Policy below (Chapter 5).

3.    Why we process personal information

We process personal data for the following purposes and keep it no longer than necessary or when a request is made to delete it. If you want to know more about the considerations we make when processing your personal data, please contact us at

3.1.           Providing recruitment related services

Our main purpose for processing personal information provided to us either voluntarily or automatically with consent is solely meant for recruitment related services. This may either be storing your personal information to keep you up to date for any relevant opportunities via email or other marketing channels or with your permission presenting your profile to our clients.

3.2.           Legal requirements

We carry out a small part of our data retention because we is legally be obliged to. This mainly concerns personal data that is required to be used for government tax liabilities. We can also do so in the case of legal obligation. This only applies to candidates who have successfully mediated by us with one of our clients. These are mainly name, address and place of resident data for the preparation of employment contracts and the preparation of invoices for our clients.

3.3.           Sales and marketing activities

Personal marketing campaigns are set up on the basis of automatically collected personal data via cookie institutions or voluntarily provided personal data. The more information we have from the person concerned, the more personally the marketing campaigns are experienced.

Examples are when someone visits a vacancy and agrees with the extensive cookie settings, then the person will see a banner or advertisement with general information from our organization. When registering via our website or other channels, the candidate receives a follow-up message with the privacy statement and agrees to receive telephone calls by us and personal mail campaigns.

4.    Rights of the candidates

Under the GDPR, each person whose data is processed has the following rights. As CodeGuild we do our best to meet these guidelines as much as possible. Do you have tips or comments? Let us know! If you have any questions regarding your right please email

  • Information and transparency: You as a candidate always have the right to view your personal data that we process
  • Update personal data: Do you believe that the personal data we have about you is not up to date and needs to be changed? Then contact us
  • Right to be forgotten: You have the right at all times to request us to temporarily or permanently delete your personal data. Depending on how far you are as a candidate in the recruitment process, it may happen that we still need certain personal data for administrative or legal reasons.
  • Restriction: do you believe that we may only use your personal data for specific purposes you can also submit a request for it.
  • Objection: for the processing of your personal data you can lodge an objection in writing (by e-mail or post). We carefully deal with your request and we will return to you here.
  • Transferability: this is a new right under the AVG, on which you can appeal if you want to transfer your personal details. This is (probably) not the case with us, but we would be happy to help you if you have questions about this.

5.    CodeGuild Cookie Policy

We use cookies and similar tracking technologies, such as measurement and conversion pixels (hereinafter: cookies), to improve our services, to make our website function optimally and to be able to efficiently and responsibly deal with our online marketing budgets. Every visitor to the website is given the choice to agree with which cookie setting he or she wants to use on our website.


5.1.           There are 4 types of cookies that are used on our website.

  1. Necessary: ​​these cookies are essential to ensure that our website works well, they allow you to navigate through our website and use the functions.
  •           – These cookies do not identify you as an individual. If you do not agree with these cookies, this may affect the performance of our website, or parts of it.
  1. Functional: with these cookies our website remembers via which channel your application has come in and keeps statistics on the offer of our vacancies and the number of reactions from candidates for each vacancy.
  • The information collected by these cookies may be personally identifiable information that you have provided, such as your name, telephone number, resume or website session id. We will always be open about what information we collect, what we do with it and with whom we share it, if applicable. If you do not agree with these cookies, this may affect the performance, functionality of our website and the timely start of the recruitment process.
  1. Performance: these cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our websites by providing information about the areas visited, the time spent on the website, and any problems encountered, such as error messages. This helps us improve the performance of our websites.
  • These cookies do not identify you as an individual. All data is collected and aggregated anonymously.
  1. Targeting / advertisements: these cookies follow you on our website and enable us to show general non-personal but relevant notifications eg in the form of banners or social media notifications.
  • This data is processed by, for example, the google advertising platform adwords and social media channels such as facebook. The visitor is at all times able to adjust this via his/ her browser or via these specific channels in the settings.

The different types of cookies may consist of “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain on your computer / device until you leave the CodeGuild website. A persistent cookie stays on your computer for much longer or until it is manually deleted (how long the cookie stays on your device depends on the “lifetime” of the specific cookie and the settings of your browser).

5.2.           Overzicht cookies


Gebruikte cookie Purpose Type Duration
Google Analytics Use of the website and gain insight into statistics of login channels Noodzakelijk, prestatie en functioneel  Up to 2 years
Facebook pixel On the basis of visited web pages, general advertisements are shown if a campaign is running for them Targeting/ advertising A maximum of 90 days
Hotjar Anonymous insight into user behavior to optimize the website Functional Temporary cookie, based on browser session



5.3.           Delete cookies

Should you as a visitor of our website change your mind, then you can at all times delete all the cookies from your browser privacy settings. Every web browser offers the possibility to erase data on browser history and cookie, for help you can always consult the support of the respective browser per device.


Changes to this privacy policy

CodeGuild reserves the right to change this privacy policy. All changes are communicated on this page. This page was last updated on 24 – may – 2018.

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