Our Approach

You are looking for the right software professionals to increase the success of your organization? Not an easy task. The amount of candidates that graduate from the Dutch Universities are unfortunately nowhere near the amount high enough to fill the growing need in the market. Next to this vacancies are becoming more and more specialized and agile development asks for a more communicative breed of software professionals. This puts even more pressure on the already scarce candidate pool. The demand for high quality software developers and software engineers in the Netherlands will only increase to grow.

CodeGuild helps you in finding and hiring the right talent in the market so you can increase your competitive advantage in the market. To enable this we work with a clear and transparent process.

Step 1: Intake and consult

Before we can start looking we firstly focus on your need. Who are you looking for and why? What have you tried yourself? What knowledge and experience does the software developer or -engineer need to have already and what can still be learned? Especially experience with new or emerging technologies is generally can be very hard to find in the software developer community. But what can you expect?

We notice that a lot of our customers are searching for what is possible. Because the staffing of software developers and -engineers is not their core business they miss the overview of the supply in the market. We help make this visible and adapt our strategy accordingly. We discuss the role in depth; your organization, culture, vision, growth goals, technology stack, software engineering methodologies and current hiring process. From your story we distill the right proposition to target your niche target groups.

Step 2: The sourcing

At CodeGuild we are continuously looking for the best people in specific software development and -engineering niches within the Randstad. We are actively in contact so we are ready to use this network of niche candidates when you need them. That is why there is a big chance we are already in contact with the right niche candidates that you are looking for. The rest of the market we will approach actively to give you as many qualified candidates for every position to choose from that are available in the market at that time. We use a multitude of sources like social media, internal and external databases, referrals and different job sites.

Step 3: Candidate screening

When approaching candidates for your organization we will thoroughly match their experience and wished to the points we discussed during the intake. And even if the candidate seems to match we will stay alert of eventual risks. Examples are a long commuting time or only wanting to move for an increase in salary. Our goal is to represent you professionally in the market and to relieve you from as much work as possible. You will only get introduced to the better candidates that match the vacancy and choose to apply for the right reasons. This of course means you don’t have to search through a pile of CV’ and can focus on your core business. We take care of the rest.

Step 4: Introducing candidates

We invest a lot of time in speaking with the right candidate(s). As candidates don’t look for new jobs every day we take the time to really listen to them and guide them in the right way. With them we discuss their experience, reason for wanting to leave, ideal job, current and desired salary , technological preference, desired company culture and desired career perspective. This is how we can really confirm that candidates are a right match to your vacancy and are looking to join you for the longer term. When introducing candidates we will convey this information to you so you have as much information you need to make a well informed decision. This will also filter out any candidates that seem to fit based on CV but wouldn’t hold up in an interview.

Step 5: The hiring process

When you would like to invite one or more candidates we will schedule the interviews for you. To use your time as efficient as possible we will speak with you before and after every interview to supply you with the right information to make your job more easy. You will always have access to the right information at the right time during each step of the process.

Step 6: Contract signing

When you would like to hire a candidate we will guide you in making the offer that fits in your budget and will be accepted by the candidate. Next to this we guide further steps in signing the contract. Because we map the wishes of a candidate at an early stage we avoid surprises. Gone are the days of offers rejected and a lot of time and energy wasted.

Step 7: After care

Of course this is not where our service ends. We would like to assist you as best as possible so you and the candidate can enter into a long and pleasant working relationship. This is why we stay in contact until the start date and during the probation period. We will proactively think with you how to best involve that candidate in your company in an early stage.

Step 8: How can we help your organization be more successful?

During our process we are bound to find elements that we can use to increase the efficiency of or working relationship even more.  We would love to evaluate with you and we how we can serve you even better in the future. We are at our best when we work with you longer as we know you better with every passing day. Throughout the years we have built a client list of respected software companies that we continuously help with their staffing needs. We would like to build such a relationship with you.

Please contact us on 020 210 30 60 or info@codeguild.nl to find out how we can help you staff your organisation with the best software developers or – engineers.