Why CodeGuild?

100% recruitment consultancy for software organizations in the Randstad

CodeGuild is a specialized search and place agency within the higher segment in the Dutch software development and engineering market in the Randstad of the Netherlands. With our focus in this market in we have acquired unparalleled knowledge of the software market, the people and technology within it. We specialize in helping qualified software development organizations get connect with their ideal software developers and engineers within the market with the goal of starting a fruitful lasting working relationship.

12 years of experience: proven track record and substantial knowledge

With 12 years of experience, CodeGuild helps software developers and engineers step out of their comfort zone to challenge themselves in their career. This often goes far beyond what you initially think as some of the best software professionals usually stay at their current jobs and are not looking for a change. So how can you still find the right people? A big chunk of the answer has to do with in depth knowledge of these niche groups and the technology they like to work with. So no “Where are they?” but “How do you appeal to them?”

At CodeGuild one of our experienced consultants with in depth technical knowledge will consult with you to service you best. We focus on a several areas like; the organization, culture, location, technology stack, market trends, growth possibilities, challenge, working environment, flexible working times and salary structure. We work to create alignment in order to achieve the best result for your organization.

Driven by craftsmanship

We know that high quality software development and high quality recruitment is bound by the same thing; craftsmanship. The engineering of robust, scalable, future proof software is a craft. We view our craft through the same eyes and like to work with like-minded people. Our process, market knowledge and consultancy expertise, combined with in depth knowledge of the technology and market means we take more work out of your hands while producing a more efficient result.

We speak software development

CodeGuild had done considerable investments in getting to know the market, our clients, their culture and technology stack. This enables us to select just the right elements and use them to speak to the right niche candidates. Software engineering and developers most often feel understood when working with us as we have the in depth knowledge. This enables us to put you in contact with the best software developers and engineers that will make the difference within your organization.

Local focus

We have always focused on one specific geographic location and have invested considerable in mapping and analyzing the Dutch software development and engineering market. This is why we have a large segment within local niche software developers and engineering target groups within the region. This enables us to give you the right guidance to help staff your most difficult niche positions by using this experience backed by hard data. CodeGuild offers you access to our niche local network.

Clear process and comprehensive guidance: no surprises

We understand that you are busy enough with your core business. This is why we work with a clear, proven and tailor made work flow for both the candidates and client. We work in a fluid and clear process without any surprises so more time can be spent on your core business. We take care of the rest.