Vacature Senior Backend Golang Engineer Amsterdam | Tangible Greenfield Product Used by Everyone in NL | Event-Driven Architecture | Embedded System | Golang, Rust, Kubernetes | €110.000 + 15% Bonus + Lease Car + Permanent Contract

Your job: Senior Backend Golang Engineer Amsterdam

  • Do you like to build a very tangible completely greenfield product that runs in the core processes of THE crucial link in transport in the Netherlands and is used by everyone you know?
  • Do you like the most complex, mathematical backend challenges where low-level coding, algorithms, and hardware play an important role and you can work with both Golang and Rust within an event-driven architecture?
  • Do you want to work within a unique engineering culture about which Harvard has written several papers, with 100% self-managing multidisciplinary teams and in the lead on architecture, quality, and delivery?
  • And do you say yes to a salary of up to €110.000, an immediate permanent contract, 15% end-of-year bonus, a lease car or €7800 mobility allowance, generous training and conference budget and a free Michelin-starred restaurant?

Then read on, this is your job!

Your employer: Disruptive, impactful new construction systems run in the core processes of leading companies!

This leading 100% Tech company has been making an indispensable impact in the Netherlands for many years and has since grown into thé Thought Leader in building and running mission-critical systems. The impact is so great that without them a significant part of the core systems in the Netherlands would fail. The Dutch economy is carried by them!

Due to the enormous trust, they have built with their customers by delivering consistent quality, they are continuously asked to build scalable, tangible, and disruptive greenfield software. You can put your foot down here in many industries, such as Fintech, sustainability, delivery, and e-commerce.

The engineering culture is so unique that Harvard has written several papers about it! There are no management layers, so you get complete technical freedom and end-to-end responsibility within multidisciplinary, international engineering teams. Only engineers work here with a DNA that thrives best under freedom, responsibility, and taking ownership.

Because engineers are in the lead here, you always work on the core processes of your clients AND within multidisciplinary teams of some of the best engineers in the Netherlands, there is a lot of cross-fertilization. You can take up cloud/SRE/DevOps, full-stack, or infrastructure, YOU are in charge.

Top conditions

Everything here is aimed at getting the best out of yourself, including the conditions: in addition to the generous salary (up to €110.000), you immediately receive a permanent contract, 15% bonus, lease car/mobility allowance, remote opportunities, unlimited training opportunities and completely free star restaurant in the building! How unique is that?

Your role: Senior Backend Golang Engineer Amsterdam

In your role as Senior Backend Golang Engineer Amsterdam, you get the unique opportunity to take full responsibility with your team for the most interesting greenfield project that will be used by everyone you know. Together with the smartest engineers, you can build a complex, challenging product that runs on the hardware. You can determine the architecture & design yourself and there are major mathematical challenges (algorithms, data structures, etc.) within the event-driven architecture of the embedded system.

You also get the chance to work with both Golang and Rust, a dream combination! On top of that, you have the freedom to do DevOps and because the system has to run 24/7 throughout the Netherlands and there are strict hardware requirements, there are great challenges to optimize memory usage and continuously improve performance and security.

Career opportunities

With this Thought Leader, the growth opportunities are unlimited and you can grow both horizontally and vertically. Cool roles such as Tech Lead, Team Lead, and Principal Architect (hands-on CTO) are on the horizon and you can also develop in areas such as Cloud (AWS-Serverless), Polyglot, and AI.

What is being asked?

  • 5+ years of professional backend development experience
  • Professional experience with Golang
  • Experience with designing, building, and maintaining microservices
  • Experience with high quality and secure software development
  • Experience with Kubernetes and CI/CD Automation
  • Demonstrated a technical bachelor’s or master’s or comparable level of work
  • Operational experience with microservices deployed to K8S is a plus
  • Experience with performance optimization and tuning of hardware is a plus
  • Experience with low-level protocols is a plus
  • Experience with architecture and design is a plus
  • Experience with event-driven architecture is a plus
  • Experience with DevOps is a plus
  • Experience with Rust or C++ is a plus
  • Experience designing and building critical backend services

What is on offer?

  • Between €80.000 and €110.000 gross per year based on knowledge and experience
  • + 15% year-end bonus
  • Immediately a permanent contract!
  • Lease car or mobility allowance of €7800
  • Work 32, 39 (4×9) or 40 hours
  • 25 vacation days
  • Remote opportunities
  • Parking options
  • iPhone + Macbook
  • Solid pension
  • Large training and conference budget
  • Free food at a star restaurant

Do you enjoy building a disruptive greenfield product from scratch that is used by everyone you know?

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, Max. file size: 5 MB.