Het Team

Robert has worked as a recruitment consultant in software engineering for over 10 years. He has worked for a well known internationally recognized staffing agency. Here he achieved the title of best consultant for five consecutive years, opened and grew various key accounts and pioneered the role of Principal Consultant. His success comes from giving genuine advice based on extensive knowledge of the local software engineering ecosystem combined with the best proved recruitment best practices for attracting, hiring and retraining the best software engineers in the market.


”The current information age has created unprecedented possibilities for humanity: AirBNB offers the experience of living in someone’s house in Rome, Taxi drivers who do not have to wait for hours to pick up a ride with Uber, a phone in your pocket where almost all the information that is ever generated by humanity is available at your fingertips; Automation is at the core of all these major developments.

These innovations are being driven by people that are the core target audience of CodeGuild. Software Engineers with strong intrinsic motivation to improve the world around them through automation, making solutions better, faster, more elegant and user friendly. I have come to know them as very creative, inventive and friendly people. Propelled by the silent desire to contribute their part towards a (slightly) better world. Thus leaving a rich heritage behind in their code.

I founded CodeGuild with the same philosophy; Adding value as the main focus and the rest will follow automatically. Having a maximum positive impact. In a world where people generally choose the path of least resistance to take the time needed to hone our craft and improve our craftsmanship. We have invested over ten years’ time and effort to understand and familiarize ourselves with the local software/ technology ecosystems, the profession of software engineering and finding the best practices in attracting, hiring and retaining the best software engineers. By helping people and companies grow, we help CodeGuild grow too. A great synergy!”