Het Team

Shazeeb was a born and raised in Amsterdam. After having lived in New Zealand for some time, he decided to settle again in the Netherlands. By following an education to specialize in the Human Resources field that led to a career switch, he chose for the opportunity to join CodeGuild. From the first employee, to in charge of  the community builder team as the the tribe leader, he has now found his passion for online marketing and data intelligence. With a combination of analytical ability and a fast-paced look, he helps to relate CodeGuild’s message to our target audience.

“My role at CodeGuild has given me more enrichment at a personal level. I have developed new skills that bring CodeGuild and myself towards success. The daily atmosphere here is professional and meaningful, with a lot of attention given at a personal level. What strikes me the most about CodeGuild is the sincerity and the specialist knowledge towards our clients and professionals we cooperate with. This gives me the intrinsic motivation to increase my contribution time and time again. “