Software Engineering Staffing consultancy

We are a staffing consultancy with a 100% focus on the Dutch software development /engineering market. We specialize in finding, connecting and mediating permanent staff, from medior to lead developer/architect level. We act as an intermediary, this means the candidates will be hired on your payroll.

Optimize your recruitment & hiring process

We help you optimize your recruitment & hiring process using the best practice knowledge we have gained over the last ten years working with software developers and -engineers within the Dutch market and abroad.

Expat services

You may also need to look across the national borders for the best available software developers and software engineers within your niche. To guide a candidate to the Netherlands in the right way, there are quite a number of important issues involved. Think of applying for a work visa, applying for a 30% arrangement, arranging a new home, applying for a bank account and obtaining a BSN number. We can take this completely off your hands.

For more information contact us via the contactform or call directly to (0031) 020 210 30 60 and ask for one of our consultants.