Vacature Senior JavaScript Developer Utrecht | Create a 3D DevOps Experience that Enables DevOps Engineers to have Super Human Insights | React, TypeScript, Rx.js, WebGL, Three | Up to €75.000

Your job: Senior Javascript Developer Utrecht

  • Do you want to build a software product that enables software engineers to have Super Human Insights about their DevOps environment?
  • Would you love to implement all you know about User Experience, Visualization and 3D?
  • Are you excited about using the latest technologies like React and ReactiveX; but also Typescript, Three, WebGL and OpenGL?
  • Do you want to be part the brilliant organization of software engineers that sets the standards in the Dutch Eco system, with a training budget of €5.000, the best hardware available and a mature knowledge sharing culture?
  • Finding all of this in the Utrecht area!

Then this is the job for you!

Your employer: High Tech Product Company Changing Lives of DevOps Engineers over the World | Start-up Organization Birthed by Successful Organization of Software Craftsman

One of the most influential and brilliant software engineering powerhouses in the Dutch eco system have birthed a high tech software product. This product enables DevOps engineers to gain the same super human advantages that Tom Cruise had, but then over their DevOps environment. They have hooked their BigData systems into all known and loved DevOps software and tooling.

As they are a spinoff of a very well-funded technology company. For you this translates in all the benefits of a startup, just without the drawbacks. The keenest minds chose to step out of the parent company to realize this amazing technology company. They are highly agile, contribute to multiple open source projects and invest highly in education (€5.000+ per person per year).

They have set this up to the extent where it is possible to monitor everything from one single UI. They created something like a Google Maps of all the systems and technologies in a DevOps environment. Next to this it is possible to move back in timelines, like you would see with Apple Time Machine. Off course this is invaluable information when incidents occur. Saving precious time in finding the cause of an incident. But next to this, now it is possible to predict future incidents! Are you getting excited already?

This company sees a clear path to take the UI of their product into the world of visualization. This would mean that the thousands of DevOps engineers over the world will be literally surrounded by the tools and technologies in their DevOps environments. This enables them to navigate through the different components that make up their architectural infrastructure. They can check the complete health of the system or in case of incidents skillfully and swiftly finding the perpetrator!

Your job: Senior Javascript Developer Utrecht with Passion for 3D | React, Typescript, ReactiveX (Rx.js), WebGL, OpenGL, Three

The Senior Javascript Developer Utrecht that we are looking for will be actively thinking of ways to effectively visualize all the different infra components, and their properties and relationships in the system. How can you clearly display time slices, both in the past and in the future? How can you arrange different views and data layers of the system for the specialized DevOps teams within an organization?

To take this task on, there is a high focus on graph databases, in-browser multithreading, building components, using observables and reactive- and functional programming. You will be using React as the framework of choice, both in the browser as mobile! So if this job isn’t already cool enough as is, this is your chance to gain React experience in a high tech professional environment.

Other tools that you have available for instance are Typescript, rx.js (ReactiveX), Three.js, WebGL and OpenGL. But off course, if you have other tools that can get the job done you are welcome to convince them this is the case!

The culture is energetic, very much fun, highly collaborative and everyone has a great passion for software development. They have 6 training days per year where all the professionals in the Netherlands come together to share and learn. They regularly have casual drinks and like to go into town together for a well-deserved lunch. They are located very close by to Utrecht central station so can easily be reached by public transport but even have parking places for those who would like to come by car.

What is required?

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in JavaScript Software Engineering
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in Front-end Single Page Application frameworks (Angular, React, Ember, Backbone a.o.)
  • Experience (professional or pet projects) with React is a big plus
  • Experience with User Experience is a plus
  • Experience with Protractor, Jasmine and Gulp is a plus
  • An interest in working with 3D visualization technologies (Three.js, WebGL, OpenGL, DirectX, Direct3D, Sketchup, 3D Studio Max a.o.)
  • A completed Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Sciences or similar study is a plus
  • A passion for software development and quality software engineering
  • Experience with working in scrum teams and/or a personality that thrives in a highly collaborative environment
  • Experience with recent best practices in software engineering like Unit Testing, TDD, Automated testing, Continuous Delivery or Continuous Integration is a plus

What is offered?

  • Between €60.000 and €75.000 per year based on 40 hours
  • Year-end bonus up to 15%
  • Training budget of €5.000 per year
  • 6 Training days (knowledge sessions) per year
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working from home possibilities
  • 25 holidays
  • Best of the best hardware
  • Excellent pension

Are you interested in having the benefits of a consultancy company housing hundreds of elite software engineers and large training budgets, while working internally in a product company with a high abstraction level?

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