Vacature Senior Frontend Developer Amsterdam | Build impactful features and connect millions of people | Market Leading Product Company | React, TypeScript, GraphQL | Up to €75.000 |

Your new position: Senior Frontend Developer Amsterdam

  • Do you want to build software with a very tangible & positive effect on millions of people?
  • Would you like to work in a vibrant working environment with passionate men ánd women in an office watching over Amsterdam, with free lunches and flexible working hours?
  • Do you want to have complete freedom to implement new ideas and mentor and coach your passionate team?
  • What about working  on a full service platform from scratch, design to deployment?
  • And how about continuous experimenting with the latest technologies (React, React-native, TypeScript, GraphQL)

So Far So Good? Keep on reading…

Your new employer: A company being the Uber In their segment and connecting & engaging a community of thousands with millions of customers around the EU, with the goal to make people happy!

Your new employer is ‘the Uber in their segment’: Engaging a community of thousands of specialists, connecting them with millions of customers, providing real-time feedback loops and aligning supply and demand for skills & geographical regions. With customer happiness as their central goal, the people working here help thousands of customers smile every single day. Because of the people working here, many physical services are delivered every minute, that’s up to a million annually! And this number is growing with the second… If you are looking for tangible results of your work, this is the place to be.

When you enter the office you feel a special vibe and people with very different backgrounds are working together towards the same goal: Making people happy! This premise is reflected in every aspect of the organization. It’s a very free environment where new ideas are welcomed and everyone interacts with everyone. And no less important, everything here is done very close to customer needs and happiness, with actual TV screens throughout the office displaying real-time feedback from customers on every service offered somewhere in Europe. If you want to know exactly what your software does for your customers, here you will know immediately after deploying it!

This fast growing mid-sized organization has a genuine team-work culture and every single day a company-wide stand up is done, while every Friday a guest speaker is invited to share knowledge. And with a great view over the city, many open spaces for gathering, brainstorming, chilling, working alone, or playing a game of table tennis, your new office is splendid! Do you want to work in an inspiring place? Then this is your new environment.

Your new job: Senior Frontend Developer Amsterdam

As the new Senior Frontend Developer you will have a very tangible effect on people. You will facilitate a community of thousands of specialists to engage with and physically help millions of people around Europe. And joining now means you will join at an exciting time! The JavaScript Team has all the benefits to reap of a clean codebase and an extensive roadmap of very cool projects and products ahead.

As the Uber in their segment, the products you build all revolve around connecting people with the right specialists, having specialists engage with each other, enhancing customer satisfaction, smart rating systems and even machine learning applications! The software development team works very close to the business and it’s no exception to see developers on the office floor and vice versa, discussing new features and applications with people from different disciplines. Your new team is vibrant and young, but holding high coding standards: Clean coding, CI/CD and Scrum are norm here.

Your new colleagues and you as a Senior Frontend Developer will continuously evaluate the technology stack and make changes where you see fit. In the frontend they work with React, React-Native, TypeScript. In the backend they work with NodeJS (Websockets), AWS (Lambda) and GraphQL and the fun thing is that as a developer you can choose to work on projects you wish to work on. As there are plenty of backend as well as exciting frontend projects (and developers), you can choose to be focused on either of those! In your new team sharing knowledge and having technical discussions is key, and everyone can implement everything as long as you can get your arguments across.

Would you like to have near total freedom and build software that makes people smile? Then this is for you!


What do we need from you?

  • 4+ years of professional JavaScript development experience
  • Passion for building Single Page Applications in React or Angular 
  • Deep understanding of UX, design
  • Experience with React-Native or GraphQL are big pluses
  • Well-developed social skills are appreciated, coaching, mentoring
  • Experience with Unit Testing, TDD, Automated Testing or End to End testing is a plus
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment is a plus
  • Experience with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud are plusses
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum software development


What is offered?

  • Salary up to € 70.000,- annually
  • Grow into a Chapter Lead position!
  • Paid pension
  • Budgets for trainings and meetups (€2.500,-)
  • Daily company standups & company events
  • Inspiring people and office to work
  • Laptop of choice

Do you want to build software that makes people smile?


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  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf.