Vacature Medior Full Stack developer Utrecht | Stand at the basis of highly disruptive B2C products with international allure | Java, Golang, Kotling, Angular, React & Typescript| Salary between € 61.160 & € 71.160 + bonus

Vacancy: Medior Full stack developer Utrecht

  • What do you think of internal work on products that are always built 100% from scratch?
  • Do you enjoy being the basis of disruptive products, developed for the top of Dutch companies?
  • Do you also like working with technology, such as Java, Golang, Kotling, Angular, React, Typescript Cloud Native, AWS, Docker and Kubernetes?
  • Do you want to take advantage of an internal job with the company car, private parking, an immediate contract and a bonus?

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Your employer: Stand at the basis of highly disruptive B2C products with international allure

Are you someone who likes to work with the best engineers from different disciplines such as backend, front-end, UI/UX and Data Engineers. Working on the most innovative, disruptive and often secret products for the top of Dutch companies, do you see as a challenge. Where the projects have a lead time of between 6 and 18 months and 100% greenfield? Then you are at the right address here.

This organization is a new offspring to one of the most successful high-level software engineering families in the Netherlands. Over the past decades, several launched products and projects organizations have been synonymous with success. The great thing is that the lessons of the past 10 years can all be used to boost this new offspring. A 100% products organization with only greenfield projects, very modern stack and smart colleagues. All this from a beautiful and inspiring office.

This organization invests heavily in their engineers, because they are seen here as the most important asset of the organization. This means a personal training budget of € 5000, – per year, 6 training days, company car + fuel card (or € 930, – mobility allowance on top of your monthlysalary), your own parking space and immediately a permanent contract.

And do not forget that we are talking about a 100% in-house function here! So you always work with your colleagues from the office. Customers visit YOU! How about that?

Your job: Medior Full Stack developer Utrecht

In your role as Medior Full Stack Developer Utrecht you work from the head office. Here you will build disruptive, mostly secret and products for companies from the fortune500. The idea is simple: Dutch industrieleaders do not have the knowledge and resources, but just the ideas for the launch of new disruptive products. And it is precisely these products that you will develop together with a multidisciplinary team. Apart from existing systems, no further development of old products and staying far away from customer legacy.

The products you and your Scrum team develop are meant to be highly disruptive in the market of your customers. 99% of the work you and your team develop will be used by millions of people because your customers have millions of users in Europe and even beyond. You and your team are the artisans who are there to show your customers what happens when you let the best software engineers work together from their own office, own development environment, without bureaucracy. The ideal setup for success!

What is asked for?

  • A minimum of 2 years professional Software Development experience
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in Java, Golang, Kotlin or Scala
  • Experience with modern frameworks such as Spring Boot and/or Play is plus
  • Experience with modern SPA frameworks like Angular, React and/or VueJS
  • You are a clean coder, good at your communication and want to continue learning
  • Experience with microservices, Docker and/or Kubernetes is a plus
  • Experience with SQL & NoSQL technology
  • Experience with Cloud (AWS, Google) is a plus
  • Experience with automated testing and continuous delivery is a plus

What is offered?

  • A salary between € 50.000 and € 60.000 gross per year, for example knowledge and experience
  • Year-end bonus
  • € 930 mobility allowance on top of your salary this is € 11.160 a year on top of your annual salary OR
  • Company car, fuel card and private parking space
  • Indefinite contract
  • ADLS reimbursement for home
  • Every two years new hardware laptop of € 3000, –
  • € 5000, – euro training budget
  • 6 training days for your training budget
  • Every two years a new mobile phone including unlimited calls
  • Good pension scheme


Are you ready to work with the best engineers from the region to show the world what products can be built when the best engineers come together?

Then respond quickly via the form here below or by sending your resume to Serge Warbout, via

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf.