Vacature Kotlin Developer Amsterdam | Functional Programming | IoT platform for making the Netherlands more sustainable | Data-intensive software products | Kotlin, Spring Boot, Ktor, Kubernetes, Kafka, Spark, AWS & Azure | Salary € 89.600 + permanent contract

The job: Kotlin Developer Amsterdam

  • Are you a fan of functional programming and want to collaborate with other FP enthusiasts?
  • Do you enjoy working on highly data-intensive systems with lots of end users and social impact?
  • At an organization that invests a lot in you and your development through knowledge sharing, trainings and R&D days?
  • And would you like to work with a varying stack of Kotlin, Ktor Scala, AWS/Azure, Kubernetes and Kafka?

Then this is the job for you!

Your employer: Specialist in building data-intensive products based on FP with high social impact

This medium-sized, highly specialized tech organization has been successfully building data-intensive (greenfield) systems for years that are used to solve highly socially relevant issues. People here are very passionate about functional and reactive programming, across the entire stack! They currently work a lot with Kotlin in the backend, and Scala/Akka for enthusiasts, and they currently work mainly with React/Typescript in the front-end. So a great variety you can sink your teeth into!

In addition to all this great technology, the great thing about their customers is that they have thousands, if not millions of end users. This allows you to really make an impact. Both technically and socially! Due to their size, they are very flexible, personal and you really feel heard. The door to management is always open, and you are really listened to.

The culture is that they can only build the best software with the best people. That is why a huge amount is invested in you as an engineer. For example, they have a partnership with Lightbend, a large training budget, they regularly attend conferences, they organize R&D days every 2 weeks and there is actually no book about your field that is not paid for you here. This way you really get the chance to delve into what you are passionate about! How cool is that?

Moreover, with their flexible working hours, working from home for 3 days, they immediately offer a permanent contract, mobility allowance, and an excellent work-life balance so you can invest in your career as a Kotlin Developer in Amsterdam!

Your role: Kotlin Developer Amsterdam

As a Kotlin Developer Amsterdam, you work with your close-knit team of colleagues on beautiful greenfield projects within varied industries. But, people here only work on projects that make a positive impact on the world (for example in the energy sector). This makes them a real authority within these niches, and they are only used to solve the most complex problems, what you really want to work on!

As you know, the world is becoming more and more data-intensive. Therefore, you are “the A team” that helps socially relevant customers convert their complex automation issues into elegant software. Although you are not only hired for your code but certainly also for your vision of quality software engineering in the Cloud.

You and your team lead are involved in this from the start. From design/architecture to implementation and deployment. This way you can learn a lot and you always see the impact of the systems you are developing.

Growth opportunities

As a Kotlin developer, you can reach great heights within the organization. This way you can (if desired) develop your leadership skills and take the lead as a lead developer or software architect. Ultimately, you can also grow into the role of team lead, where you manage up to twenty people and you also spend half of your time building. The ideal step for the engineer who aspires to a management position. It is even possible to make the step to engineering manager afterwards. Here are the training courses and guidance that will help you with that!

What is required?

  • At least 4 years of professional Software Development experience
  • A clear interest in (and preferably experience with) functional programming
  • Professional experience developing with Kotlin, Scala or Java
  • A completed BSc or MSc education or demonstrable work level
  • Experience with Reactive & Functional programming is a big plus
  • Experience working in a modern Microservices/Cloud environment is a plus
  • Experience within an AWS or Azure environment is a plus
  • Experience with Docker or Kubernetes is a plus

What is offered?

  • Immediately a permanent contract
  • Between € 60.000 and € 80.000 gross per year based on knowledge and experience
  • + Mobility allowance of 9600 per year on top of your salary above
  • + Up to 8% End of Year Bonus
  • The option to work 40, 36 or 32 hours
  • Spend 10% of your working time on your own R&D projects
  • 3 home working days
  • Large training budget + plenty of room for visiting seminars
  • Net expenses
  • ADSL fee
  • 27 vacation days with the option to buy more
  • Non-contributory pension

Are you interested in taking your career within functional programming to new heights within a very informal club of experienced software engineering professionals?

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